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Melanotan-2(MT-2) 10mg


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5 reasons why you should use Melanotan 2.

☀️ Helps maintain tan
☀️Znacznie suppresses appetite
☀️Pomaga in the fight against addictions
☀️ Influences energy homeostasis
☀️ Reduces inflammation at the level of the brain

☀️Wokół melanotan 2 many legends are spun. The most well-known is that, MT2 that it acts as a carcinogen due to the formation of freckles and freckles. This is not supported by any scientific study, and we know from experience that the accumulated pigment around the skin in phase 1 can create the appearance of a mole. Pigment that will disappear over time ( about 6-9 months). Of course, the proper use of MT-2 is also important.
We must not expose ourselves heavily to the sun, and it is best to lubricate ourselves with SPF50 sunscreen if we want to spend all day at the beach.

☀️MT-2 affects oxytocin signaling, so like its analog PT-141, it may have a positive effect on social behavior and libido and reducing alcohol consumption.

Effects of MT2 on individual melanocitrate receptors
☀️MC-1R – Tanning, anti-inflammatory effects
☀️MC-2R -Adrenal stimulation
☀️MC-3R- Appetite control, anti-inflammatory action ,
☀️MC-4R- Energy homeostasis, erection ( via oxytocin and cavernous nerve stimulation, MC-4R expression in the penis)
☀️MC-5R – Sweat glands ( reduced sebum production in studies) , fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle and lipolysis in adipocytes


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